Alopecia Aerata

Alopecia AerataWelcome to Chicago-Alopecia-Cancer-Wigs.com, your best guide to learning about alopecia aerata, a hair disease that affects women, men and children. You can also learn more about treatments for alopecia aerate, coping with alopecia and finding support from alopecia foundations. Lastly, you will be learning more about cancer wigs and how you can help make a difference in the life of a cancer survivor!

What is alopecia?

Alopecia aerata is a disease that causes people’s hair to fall out. Alopecia is the medical term for baldness and alopecia aerata is one of the various types of alopecia conditions. Hair usually falls out in pieces and leads to the appearance of “bald spots.” As a hair disease, alopecia is quite unpredictable as hair can fall out and grow back or it can fall out at random times.

What causes alopecia?

Alopecia aerata is an auto-immune disease. Research has shown that many cases seem to be related to one’s genetic make-up and can therefore be inherited. Heredity definitely plays a role in who ends up with alopecia.

Who is affected by alopecia?

Men, women and children can be affected by this disease. Women with alopecia have a chance of transmitting it to their children. Children with alopecia generally come from families whose members suffer from auto-immune diseases.