Alopecia Foundation

Alopecia FoundationAlopecia Foundations

Any support for alopecia patients makes a significant impact on their lives. Alopecia foundations seek to provide this much needed support to all alopecia patients in need. The National Alopecia Foundation is the largest alopecia foundation in the U.S. They provide programs and events to support alopecia patients. The donations they receive also go to support ongoing research for a cure for alopecia conditions. Some of their programs target women with alopecia as well as children with alopecia, providing them with comfort and awareness about ways to deal with their condition.

In addition to foundations that reach out to all types of alopecia patients, some cater to the needs of children that suffer from this condition. Since the psychological impact of alopecia is quite significant for a child, these foundations try to provide entertainment activities in which children with similar conditions can socialize and feel safe around their peers. These organizations also have educational videos explaining in a simple manner what alopecia is and how it can be overcome.  Some also offer various summer events and summer camps that can help kids understand how their life should not be changed just because of their hair condition.

Get involved: provide alopecia support

If you know anyone who is suffering from this disease, or if you would like to make a positive impact on patients’ lives, you can always volunteer for these foundations or make a donation that can help sustain programs that reach out to alopecia patients in need. You can find more details on the National Alopecia Foundation’s website.