Alopecia Wigs

Alopecia WigsAlopecia Wigs

Alopecia wigs are a practical and inexpensive solution for alopecia patients. Whether they are a temporary fix during your treatment or a longer term solution, wigs are a great way to regain your confidence in your beauty.

Although alopecia wigs are not different than regular wigs, some vendors have special wigs for sale if you provide them with a prescription that confirms you have been diagnosed with alopecia. Some foundations also offer free wigs for alopecia patients. You can find out more about such foundations by clicking on our “Alopecia Foundation” page.

Types of wigs

There are various types of wigs and they mostly vary in terms of what type of hair they use and how they are made. Synthetic wigs use synthetic hair and are generally the most affordable option. Although the hair is synthetic, due to the latest technological advances, they can look very natural and can last longer than human hair wigs. These types of wigs are also very easy to take care of.

Human hair wigs offer a more natural look, however they do require more maintenance (just like your natural hair does) and do come with a higher price tag. They generally use various types of human hair ranging from Asian, Remy, African American to European hair. A human hair piece wig also requires a special lace setting, and some of the best quality are handmade.

Do not hesitate to try various types of wigs and see which ones you are most comfortable with. Most wig vendors, especially the online ones, will also provide you with a color sample for free so you can be confident about your color choice.