Cancer Wigs

Cancer WigsChemotherapy and hair loss

Cancer patients suffer from hair loss as a result of chemotherapy treatments. Although chemotherapy drugs have greatly evolved and side effects such as fatigue and nausea have been minimized, hair loss is still a side effect that accompanies most chemotherapy treatments.

Although the hair loss is temporary, it is often quite emotionally devastating as chemotherapy treatments can be repeated, leading to repeated hair loss. Although chemotherapy and hair loss have a negative impact on patients’ self-esteem, they are critical treatment options against cancer.

Cancer wigs (wigs for cancer patients) are a great way to cope with the physical side effects of chemotherapy and boost patients’ confidence and self-esteem. Patients can choose between synthetic and human hair wigs or simply wear cute colorful scarves or hats. Applying nourishing hair oils to your scalp can also help hair re-grow stronger and healthier. Avocado, jojoba and argan oils are great natural oils that can help you re-grow your hair. You can use them individually or create a powerful mix by combining all three oils.

Donate hair for cancer wigs

A great way to support cancer patients suffering from hair loss is to get involved with a cancer support foundation or donate hair for cancer wigs. You can ask your hair stylist to collect your hair in a pouch and you can donate your hair to an organization that collects hair.

Additionally, you can find a salon that has an ongoing commitment to donating hair to cancer wigs. Pantene is a leading hair care brand that has a hair donation program for cancer patients. More information about their program is found on Pantene’s website.